Starting Over

Sometimes, we promise ourselves to accomplish something and we initially go at it with too much idealism and enthusiasm and everything seems fine the first few days. However, there are also times when life gets in the way – too much work to be done, too many family and friends to keep in touch with, too many responsibilities to face, etc.  We simply do not have the energy to accomplish that something anymore. We forget. We give up.

Two years ago, I told myself that I would finally focus on my blog that I set up a year before that. I still couldn’t decide what it would be about. I thought I would just decide about the contents later. I found my WordPress account, reset the password that I have already forgotten, picked out Life-Love-Quotes-Starting-All-Over-Againan address and a theme and wrote my first and, at that time, my only entry.

I could give a dozen reasons why I didn’t focus writing on that blog but I guess it doesn’t matter now. I stopped but I have the chance to have another go at it – another chance to start over and actually accomplish what I promised myself a couple of years ago.

Life happened. In two years, I learned, grieved, laughed and loved too much. I made a lot of mistakes that would probably scar me for
the rest of my life but I also proved to myself just how capable I am if I put myself into something.

I still do not know how this blog will turn out. What I do know is I really do not care if people read it. This is my place to pour out my heart not for other’s sake but only for my own. This is my journal to document my journey through life.

I wish starting over in real life is as easy as deleting one blog and creating another. I know it doesn’t happen that way. But I am sure that when we decide to get back up, it will eventually get better. We become stronger and it is easier to face what struck us down before. The secret is to always get up. Always.