Starting Was a Bitch

(This is the post that I mentioned on Starting Over. I posted this last November 5, 2012 but I accidentally erased it. Thank God for clipboard.)

So after more than a year of procrastinating, here I am with my first ever post. More than a year ago,  I created my wordpress account but then I was stumped on what my blog will be all about. Of course I wanted it to revolved around things important to me and what interest me but then I thought that that would be too broad. My brain is scattered as it already is and I wanted a blog that would be as organized as I should be considering that I am a Virgo. I am now trying to summon my almost nonexistent sense of focus and yet I must still ask for my readers’ indulgence as I am a scatterbrain in the truest sense of the word.

So I am now listing down things that would probably be a topic in my blog: Family,  military life,  complicated matters of the heart,  food,  and scuba diving which usually coincided with my travels.

Okay, that sounds simple enough. Let the imprinting of the crazy wavelengths of my brain in the electronic chaos of blogsphere begin.


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